• J. Wallace

Lace box with note cards.

Updated: 15 hours ago

Hello, creative friends. I hope you're having a good day and taking time to do something creative. Today' I'm sharing one of my favorite projects. One of the things I love about this die cut set, is the elegant design as well as the variety of different ways it can be used: like scrapbook pages, mini albums, cards and so much more.

The die cut set is from Becca Feeken's Amazing Paper Grace die of the month club. { June 2019} I enjoyed making it so much, I made four of them. I gave one to my mom, one to a friend, and one of them is for sale at the Book and gift shop at my church{ which is closed due to the virus}

This is what the die cut set looks like. it has 6 pieces which can be used together or individually to create your own unique design.

So how do you make the elegant box with note cards? I'm glad you asked. Some people like written directions and others like me prefer to watch a video. So, when ever I can I include a video, if one is available for that specific project. So, take a few minutes, watch the video. { also available on you tube} and let it inspire you and create something beautiful.

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J. Wallace